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Research Theme

  <Empirical Software Engineering>

Software Engineering is a discipline for developing quality software effectively. It covers a wide range of software development, including software requirements analysis, software design, programming, review, testing, and their managements.
We have been studying actual data-oriented managements of software develoment, especially, useful methods and/or models to support software development, based on data analysis. Such approaches to software engineering are referred to as ``Empirical Software Engineering.''

<Software Metrics>

Practical data of software development is essential to study Empirical Software Engineering. Such a practical data is usually collected with measures which are called ``software metrics.''


Quality Management, Software Bug (Fault), Evaluation and Prediction, Statistical Analysis, Data Engineering, and System Engineering

Research Papers

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Tools developed in our laboratories (free)

   LOCCounter measures Lines Of Code (LOC). It can work for not only a single source file but also a directory (a set of source files).

   CommentCounter extracts comments written for methods (member functions) in Java/C/C++ source files, and it outputs lines of comments in the tab separated format.

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Collaborative Research

Toshiba IoT Technology Center
   Study on Optimization of Software Testing

OSS Lab., Wakayama Univ.(Prof. Masao Ohira)
   Application of Mathematical Programming Method to Software Engineering, and Analysis of Open Source Software Development

Prof. Sousuke Amasaki at Okayama Prefectual University, and Prof. Tomoyuki Yokogawa at Okayama Prefectual University
Empirical Study of Impact of Human Factors on Source Code Quality (supported by KAKENHI(C))

■ Prof. Kouji Hirata at Kansai University
   Mathematical Model of Self-Learing Malware Infection


■ JSSST FOSE2011 Best Presentation Award (2011/11/26) : Prof. Aman
■ IWESEP2012 Best Presentation Award (2012/10/27) : Prof. Aman
■ IPSJ Yamashita Research Award (2013/3/6) : Prof. Aman
■ IEICE SIG-SS Research Award (2013/5/9) : Mr. Ryohei Asano and Prof. Aman
■ IPSJ SES2014 Best Paper Award (2014/9/2) : Mr.Kashiwa (Wakayama Univ.), Prof.Ohira (Wakayama Univ.), Prof.Kamei (Kyushu Univ.) and Prof.Aman
■ IPSJ Journal Specially Selected Paper Award (2015/2/16) : Mr.Kashiwa (Wakayama Univ.), Prof.Ohira (Wakayama Univ.), Prof.Kamei (Kyushu Univ.) and Prof.Aman
■ ASTER 9th Zengo Award (2016/3/9) : Prof.Aman, Prof.Sakaki, Prof.Kawahara, Ms.Sasaki(Toshiba), Mr.Nakano(Toshiba) and Dr.Ogasawara(Toshiba)
■ Reliability Engineering Association of Japan, Takagi Award (2016/5/23) : Mr.Shida(West Japan Railway Company), Prof. Higami, Prof.Aman, Prof.Takahashi and Prof.Saluja(University of Wisconsin-Madison)
■ IPSJ Journal Best Paper Award (2016/6/3) : Mr.Kashiwa (Wakayama Univ.), Prof.Ohira (Wakayama Univ.), Prof.Kamei (Kyushu Univ.) and Prof.Aman
■ IWESEP2017 Best Presentation Award (2016/3/13) : Prof.Aman, Mr.Aji Ery Burhandenny (PhD student), Prof.Amasaki (Okayama Pref. Univ.), Prof.Yokogawa (Okayama Pref. Univ.) and Prof.Kawahara
■ BCD2017 Best Student Presenter Award (2017/7/9) : Mr.Aji Ery Burhandenny (PhD student), Prof.Aman and Prof.Kawahara
■ IEICE SIG-SS Research Award (2017/7/19) : Mr. Kazuki Yamauchi (Master course student), Prof. Aman and Prof.Kawahara
■ IEEE Computer Society Japan Chapter FOSE Young Researcher Award (2017/11/25): Mr. Sho Suzuki (Master course student)