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commit_counter_by_author is a Perl script that execute the git log command and summarizes commit info by authors in the following format:

  "author's name" [TAB] "author's email" [TAB] "the number of commits made by the author" [TAB] "hash list"  

where two or more authors' records are merged if they seem the commits made by the same author, such that the same name but different emails; different names but the same email.



Run the script in the target git repository:
  perl   [-d]  
This is (ver.2.1)

(1/3) collecting authors' commit logs ... done.
(2/3) checking authors' commit data ... done.
      0 commit record(s) were omitted.
      277 author record(s) were merged.
      Run again with -d option if you want to see omitted or merged data.
(3/3) sorting authors' commit data ... done.
(C) Copyright 2015 Hirohisa AMAN